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Getting Started with Relief Retriever

Getting Started with Relief Retriever Software is easy. We designed it to be an easy-to-use shift scheduling and job placement management tool used by Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians to plan their work shifts. Animal Hospitals use it to post their available shifts for Relief Vets and post full time positions for in-house Veterinarians and related staff. Relief Vets and in-house veterinary clinic staff use it to review available shifts and jobs, apply for positions and plan their work schedule. It provides veterinary teams with the ability to plan their schedule, find qualified help, and communicate securely. Whether used to manage small pet clinics or large multi-location animal hospitals, Relief Retriever Software makes it easy for veterinary team to work, stay aligned, and communicate in real time. Sign up for a live demo of Relief Retriever Software.


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Who uses Relief Retriever?

Relief Retriever Software launched it’s BETA in January 2023 as a shift posting and relief vet finding tool for Animal Hospitals, Pet Clinics, Relief Vets and full time Veterinary staff. Although our initial rollout is targeted towards the Midwest of the United States (where our headquarters is located in West Michigan), it is build for use across North America. If you would like to help bring Relief Retriever to your area, sign up today and contact us for help introducing it to your community. It is free for Relief Vets to use, so there is no barrier to entry. Since release, we have had dozens of hospitals and hundreds of vets from across Michigan sign-up. We are excited to expand our reach across the U.S. throughout 2023.


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Relief Retriever Software supports Animal Hospitals of all sizes and Relief Vets everywhere. From shift posting to planning your work schedule, Relief Retriever gives you the tools you need to schedule, plan, post, communicate, search for opportunities, find help and connect with talented Vets around the country.