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Animal hospitals struggle to find veterinarians

Posted: March 2, 2023

The following article in Mlive from last year is an example of what inspired founder Aimee Stickney to build Relief Retriever. Titled “‘Overworked and underpaid,’ animal hospitals struggle to find veterinarians amid workforce shortage”. The article showcases the struggles animal hospital and clinics have with finding qualified help. 

As it gets harder to find qualified help, we veterinarians struggle to fill our patients needs. Animal hospitals struggle to find veterinarians due to a combination of stress, student debt, low pay and long hours. This has resulted in many great people leaving the field. Our sincere hope is to help relieve some of this burden by helping animal clinics and hospitals find good people willing to serve our communities. 

This quote sums it up: ““When I started here like five and a half, almost six years ago, we had five working doctors that rotated between the two clinics,” Alisha Lopez, a veterinarian technician, told MLive during an interview on Tuesday, Feb. 22. “We are now down to about two and a half.” 


Help spread the word to our fellow Relief Vets and let’s see if we can make a difference. 

We have experienced this ourselves. As members of our team have worked in the local area, we have consistently heard from our friends at animal hospitals about the struggles they deal with finding available vets to fill empty shifts. We are sure you can relate. Turning down shifts from hospitals in need because of already packed schedules is something we all deal with. We are hope that our service can help smooth out those scheduling issues. Together, we can help more hospitals and clinics get services to our furry little friends. 

If you have additional ideas on how Relief Retriever can be improved to service our community, reach out to us

animal hospitals struggle to find veterinarians

Relief veterinarian Kurt Fennema examines a dog named Bijou at Holton Road Veterinary Clinic in Muskegon on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022. (Cory Morse |


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