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Today’s Words Of Wisdom: Boundaries

Relief Retriever is more than just a job hunting website for Relief Vets and Animal Hospitals. It is a community of people who share a common love: taking care of pets and the families who love them.

In that spirit, we will occasionally be sharing the thoughts of some of our members with everyone. Our hope is that we can all strive to be better vets who have happy and successful careers. In addition, we can share our experiences to better learn how to maintain good relationships with the families who count on us to keep their pets healthy. 

One of the hardest things for Relief Vets? Maintaining proper boundaries between themselves, their practice and their patients. It is vital that veterinarians set and maintain healthy boundaries between us, our practice, our employees, our patients and the loving families who bring their cherished family pet to us.

Hear are words of advice from one of our members:

You have no control over what other people choose to do. YOU NEVER DID.
Convincing an animal owner to take specific actions is not your job. IT NEVER WAS.

You Are Responsible for These Things — You are NOT Responsible for These Things
Completing a thorough physical exam — Patient Outcomes (Good or Bad)
Explaining your findings to the client — Client Reactions
Educating and making a RECOMMENDATION — Client Choices
Providing treatment based on client choice — Client emotions
Extending great customer service — Client actions

Thanks and credit to the Author, Dr Sharon Henn


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Posted: May 4th, 2023